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manbetx官网登陆DESTACO offers a wide rangeManbetx手机登录 of vacuum products to meet the needs of our customers.  From vacuum cups,文丘里,to spring cup mounts and manifolds,our Manbetx手机登录products offer safe and efficient handling for your robotic automated applications.  Speed matters to manbetx官网登陆DESTACO!  Therefore,我们的真空技术,包括耐用的真空杯和高速文丘里管,旨在帮助您提高自动化系统的生产效率。

  • Speed Matters -德斯塔科ARV专利单线文丘manbetx官网登陆里管提供业内最快的真空和排气。
  • Industry Standard -我们的产Manbetx手机登录品可与所有全球真空杯和端部执行器框架安装标准互换。
  • 提高生产力-manbetx官网登陆DESTManbetx手机登录ACO vacuum products have been used in the harshest environments around the world.
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