Lightweight End Effector Tooling

accelerate collection lightweight tooling

Themanbetx官网登陆加速收集®轻型末端执行器工具is a reduced weight end effector designed to help you move parts faster in today's high-speed automation.  Accelerate end effectors can provide production line speed gains of up to 30 percent with up to a 50 percent reduction in weight making it possible for lines to move faster without putting undue stress on automation equipment.  As many workers manually change tooling on automated lines,加速末端执行器的重量,提高人体工程学,从而提高工人的安全等级。

Accelerate系列包括各种圆滑,模块化铝组件,可组装成大多数冲压室应用的定制端部执行器。尽管加速组件比其他组件轻,they are sized to global standards,使它们与现有的兼容
equipment around the world,不考虑品牌。



  • 加速系列高强度提高了生产效率,yet very lightweight aircraft aluminum components.
  • Increased Speed:使用轻质组件可将生产率提高25%至30%
  • Improved Ergonomics: 50% weight reduction with high strength aircraft aluminum vs.steel components resulting in higher safety ratings for workers
  • 减少维护:减少停机时间,因为使用轻量工具实现自动化时的磨损更少。
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